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Bengs & Lians

One day, two Bengs were driving to Disneyland. As they passed through Anaheim, they saw a sign on the freeway that said, Disneyland Left.
So they turned around and went home.

A Lian went into a pizza parlor. When she said that she'd like a medium pizza, the clerk asked her how many pieces she'd like to it cut into: six or twelve.
Ai yoh, six please, said the Lian. I cannot finish twelve lah.

One day, a Lian and her friend were walking through the park. Suddenly, the Lian's friend said, Oh, look, a dead birdie.
The Lian looked up and said, Where got?

On a hot summer day, an angry Lian was brought into the hospital with severe burns on her mouth and lips. When the doctors asked her what had happened, she said that she had caught her boyfriend with another woman, so she had tried to retaliate by blowing his car up.

A Lian became very depressed when she looked at her driver's licence and saw that she had an F in sex.

How do you confuse a Lian?
Put her in a round room and tell her to pee in the corner.

What did the Beng do when he noticed that someone had already written on the overhead transparency?
He turned it over and used the other side.

Why did the Beng stand in front of a mirror with his eyes closed?
He wanted to see what he looked like asleep.

Why did the Beng tip-toe past the medicine cabinet?
So he wouldn't wake up the sleeping pills.

Beng: I was born in Sin-kah-poh.
Friend: Oh really, which part?
Beng: All of me, silly.