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Welcome to the home of #CityChat. This homepage is created specially for all regulars as well as newbies.
    For all newbies, here's a little history about our channel. Citychat was a registered channel with Galaxynet server in Dec 1997. It probably started off slightly earlier as an unregistered channel. The 1st Generation owner already retired, since he no longer chats in the internet. The channel was re-registered by ^Memphis^ who is also well known as our "Daikor" (Big Brother). Don't misunderstand me, we don't belong to any sects or secret societies. He's most senior and also the most active.
    Common things, we people like to do are meeting people, chit-chatting,movies,visit pubs,etc. So do come in to look for us for a chat. If you are bold enough you can always meet us at outings.
    Please be noted that this homepage will be forever constructing & upgrading. So do come in occasionally and take a peek. As for regulars in citychat, I will most probably email you all if there are something added.

Enjoy your stay here &
Happy Chatting.


icq no. 3216089

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