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Li Bai's Poem

The Chinese version

Chuan chien ming ye kuan

 ti sia yi sang xuan

 chi toa wang ming ye

 ti toa sze ku xian 

 The full-blown version (in refined English)

The moon light is pouring down on my bedside

 like white frost spreading on the ground

 I look up the bright round moon in the sky

 and lower my head thinking of my dear hometown 

 Singlish version #1

Bedfront Moon Bright Bright

 Think is Floor White White

 Lift Head see Moon Moon

 Bow Head Miss Home Home.... 

 Singlish version #2

Bedfront see moon moon

 think is one snow snow

 lift head see moon-moon

 head down think home-home 

 Li Bai (II)

Bedfront Orrr Pi Sai (pick nose)

 Think Think Go Pang Sai (go shit)

 Look up in the sky

 Poem is a waste of time 

 Latest Reservist Army version

Bedfront Lauuuuu Bark Sai (Tears drop)

 Think Think have to go Excercise (Reservist mobilization)

 Drop dead look into the sky (Run until no breath)

 Tong Call Sia Lang Chai (My heartache nobody knows)