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Love Letters

A letter from a Romantic Ah Beng

Ah Lian dearest.......
Your beautiful face no fight
Silky hair everybody like
Your horse figure no horse run
Big big eyes, small small mouth, cannot tahan
One word, Marry wife follow wife, marry cat follow cat
You go there, I go there
If you are the moon, I the star beside you
If you are a flower, I the leaf of ur flower
when you exercise, I'm the sweat at the armpit
If you are shit, I am the fly
When you are bathing, I am the soap
To sky mountain sea corner
You are my woman this lifetime
Lupe you deep deep

Muak, Muak
Ah Beng

Letter From Ah Lian 2 Her Lover

Ah Beng,
My lomantic lone langer
Your handsone face I cannot sleep
Curly, curly hair don't look cheap
Your big body can do many tricks
Wah lan A, So much kick
They say I marry cock must follow cock (Chicken)
You take me wife like a dog (also can)
Until sea dry rock rot
I am your bore (wife)
Sky long earth lasting
Your larling horse (ma-zi)

Muak, Muak
Ah Lian