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Some names to avoid naming your children 

Monica Cheng (in Hokkien) -- touching your buttocks

 Michael Tan (in Cantonese) -- selling eggs

 Tommy Huang (in Mandarin) -- Tang Ming Huang : Ming Dynasty's emperor

 Lucy Liaw (in Hokkien) -- You are dead

 Judy Soo (in Malay) -- Lost in Gamble

 Paul Chan (in Mandarin) -- bankrupt

 Nelson Tan (in Mandarin) -- bird laying eggs

 Jason Tan (in Mandarin) -- bluff people laying eggs

 Nelson Chong (in Mandarin) -- worms infested bird

Moon Lan Ding -- A great achievement of the American space program

 Gun Pao Der -- An ancient Chinese invention

 Lin Ching -- An illegal execution

 Hia Yu -- Greeting

 Wai So Dim -- Are you trying to save electricity?

 Shai Gai -- Bashful person

 Lo Fing -- Being nonproductive

 Wa Shing Kah -- Cleaning an automobile

 Si Ling Fan -- Device to keep you cool

 Jan Ne Ka Sun -- Former late night talk show host

 Ar U Wun Tu -- Gay liberation greeting

 Lao Ze Sho -- Gilligan's Island

 Chin Tu Fat -- Have you considered a face lift?

 Wai Go Nao -- How about staying a while?

 Ai Bang Mai Ni -- I bumped into the coffee table

 Wai Hang Mi -- I do not deserve the death penalty

 Ai No Pei -- I have a press pass

 Yu Bai Tu Hai -- I see you are not doing well in the stock market

 Hao Long Wei Ting -- Inquiry to determine if bus is due

 No Wei Ding -- Keep out of pond

 Ne Ahn -- Lighting fixture used in advertising signs

 Lei Tsho -- Midnight television program

 Jah Kee Pin Ching -- My underwear is too tight

 Sum Ting Wong -- Not everything is right here

 Lao Zi -- Not very good

 Wai Yu Kum Nao -- Our meeting was for next Thursday

 Wan Bum Lung -- Person with tuberculosis

 Tai Ne Bae Be -- Premature infant

 No Bai Dam Ting -- Prices are too high here

 Lei Lo -- Remain out of sight

 Ten Ding Ba -- Serving drinks to people

 Tai Ne Po Ne -- Small horse

 Dum Gai -- Stupid fellow

 Wai U Shao Ting -- There is no reason to raise your voice

 Hia Dei Kum -- They are approaching

 No Pah King -- Tow-away zone

 Hu Yu Hai Ding -- We have reason to believe you are harboring a fugitive

 Yu Zhu Lee Wong -- Weather forecaster

 Hu Flung Dung -- Which one of you fertilized the field?

 Wai Yu Mun Ching -- You're blowing your diet

 Shu Man Go -- Your body odour is offensive

 Yu Mai Te Tan -- Your vacation in Hawaii agrees with you