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Reasons why Public Transport is good for you 
  1. The 100m dash to catch that bus, or wait half an hour for the next one.

  2. You're not serious, in Singapore? I thought the next bus usually takes 10 - 20 minutes (whether its completely full or not is another matter).
  3. Short spurts to run after buses with sadistic drivers who don't stop in the bus bay.

  4. Hey, good training for IPPT (shuttle run), you know.
  5. Arm exercise from hanging on for dear life during sharp turns and sudden starts and stops.

  6. Again, good training for IPPT (chin-ups).
  7. Meditation while waiting for buses/trains/taxis.

  8. Food for the soul. And they say Singaporeans have no spiritual cultivation.
  9. Exercise finger for those without an auto-redial button when calling for cabs.

  10. What are fingers for, anyway? We're born with fingers to:
    1) dig nose during the wait for bus\train\taxis;
    2) dial the phone for pizza;
    3) use in a non-verbal expression to show what one thinks of the errant driver;
    4) be jammed between the crack of doors and windows; and
    5) many more to be mentioned.
  11. Free sauna during hot days in crowded buses.

  12. Hey, if it's free......don't complain.
  13. Those bus tickets good for origami, esp. tiny Japanese cranes, if you fold them into half.

  14. Also good for warding off the `white clothed angel', Bai Yi Tian Shi in Mandarin (you heard it here first) commonly known as ticket inspectors (sometimes I wonder about the validity of this vocation).