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    Welcome to the home of  #Citychat. It is started of as a small IRC channel in galaxynet somewhere in between late Dec 97 to early Jan 98 with only a few chatterboxes. 
     But today, it is a registered channel  with at least 20 regulars. I must say that it is still growing. 
     We meet one another regularly at least 1 outing every weekend. 
     What are you all waiting for guys? Login to IRC and join #Citychat. 
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New pages and updates:  
1. I just added Kenn, Pony, Candy1975 
and Ben photos in the Photo Gallery A. 

2. My Self-Profile.( A rather long story so 
take your time  to read if you are interested ) 

3. Words of Wisdom 

4. Citychat News 

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