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Singaporean Titanic

On board the SS Star cruise...

 One eventful nite, Jack Wong(JW) was sleeping on deck as he forgot to bring the keys. He was awoken by heavy thumping scurrying across the ship deck "thump thump thump..."

 JW, "Wat the @#$% was that??"

 Just as he stood up, a black "plump" figure wiff across him and brought with it a horrible sweat-filled stench.

 JW, "Wah piang! wat the @#$%ing smell man?"

 As what a typical kaypo Singaporean would do, JW hurried up to see what the hell was happening.

 The plump figure was crying by the railings...

 JW asked, "Why you clying?"

 PLUMP gal, "Why you asked?"

 JW, "Ermmm, wan to know why lor? Wats yur lame (name) huh?"

 PLUMP gal, "Lose Tan" (Rose actually but due to the heavy Singaporean slang, she couldn't pronounce it correctly)

 she continued, "Yur lame leh ?"

 JW (proudly), "Jack Wong. Eeveryone calls me Jacky. Wat u wan to do here?"

 Rose, "I failed my 'O' levels. I dun wan to live anymore."

 JW, "Cheh! I failed 3 times already ah! Eh, u swur u wanna jump ah? The water down there damn cold one leh."

 Rose, "Zhun boh?"

 JW, "More zhun than "Beh Peow" leh. Dun believe jump lah."

 JW moved closer...

 Rose, "Dun come any closer. I jump ah!"

 JW, "U jump I jump lor."

 But Lose didn't have the guts to do so.

 And therefore a soon to be romance blossomed among the two, Lose Tan and Jack Wong.