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Hi Guys & Gals,
                Here are the list of the IRC ops in #Citychat at Galaxynet. These are people given special rights because of being a regular in the channel, popularity or good friends of the owner. Their duty is to look after the channel. They have the ability to kick or ban chatters who do not observe rules, like flooding the channel, 'buayaing' girls,talking obsence language,etc.

Ah_mem (owner) Candy1975 Sotongs (Webmaster) Kenn (Webmaster) AirwolfII
Fates Denon |Soybean| Chedi Starlet
Longmao |Mingles| Kate2 Flub ^Pony^
[K] Medi _cres_ Kipling Joncri
Peter Starfury Carline Wildlion J10
Spam Cheryl20 Jeslin [Inferno] Cuttoe
SnakeEyes NieFeng18 |Techno| Nukey Nitestar
Sidney20 Bee2 Reo Fei-[er] ^Lasher^
Xris Muchi Cyw77 ^Peace Adriana
Rache| ^Yume^ Ah-Eggy Chopst|ck Phaze
Shingwu Yan Crabby Q(Server Bot)  

1st Generation Owner : Subultra (retired)
2nd Generation Owner : Memphis (present)

Last Updated: 26th Mar 1999.
Webmaster: Mr. Yeung K.L. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1999.
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