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Jokes & Humour :D
There are medical evidence, regular laughter will help to improve blood circulation and hence help to improve a person health and prevent illness.
    Here are some of my favourite collections. I hope you people will like them too. Whether they can make you laugh or not, it really depends on how  well is your dialects and singlish. Your humour intellectual also play an important role. Hee... :)

1) Singaporean Titanic

2) What really is the 5-Cs?

3) The Singapore 5 'K's

4) Bengs & Lians

5) How do you know that you're not young anymore ?

6) "The Haze Will Go On"

7) Kiasuism A-Z

8) Li Bai's Poem

9) Love Letters

10) Count Money, Singapore

11) MRT Pledge

12) Some names to avoid naming your children

14) One Pimple, One Facial, One Single Pore

15) Reasons why Public Transport is good for you

16) How well do you know your Singlish?


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